Niveus thora

Artwork for Niveus Thora.

Niveus Thora is also known as "Temples of Peace", this is where everyone enhances their spiritual beliefs and is considered to be the most tranquil and holy place in all of Ardatria. It is geographically situated on the near center of Ardatria.

Niveus Thora is one of the practitioners of the Aegis Shield. They have powerful magi that practice and harness the power of Vauphine.

L&S3 Destroyed Niveus Thora B

Niveus Thora Destroyed.

On the final novel, Light and Shadow VII: Legend of the Vanguard, Niveus Thora collapes and gets destroyed from a Vulcan Spark, due to a sever interruption in the flow of Aura in the Aegis Amplifiers. There were very few survivors, all holy magi has perished.

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