Ravenmoore locket

Conceptual image of Ravenmoore's Locket.

The locket which is owned by Lyrus Ravenmoore. It is made of Berlynium, the strongest and most powerful gemstone. Descended from every predecessor of the Ravenmoore family. It carries three key componenets used in unlocking and finiding various objects in the Light and Shadow series. Nearly every generation and successor of this locket adds a key feature.

The Arnado QuartetEdit

A musical piece that can be played on the heart of the locket, dedicated to Ravenmoore's missing daughter. It carries light magic around a user and is the key to unlock the doord of the Final Aegis Substratum. A piece made by Lyrus Ravenmoore's father, Arnado Ravenmoore, the Magi of Music.

The Sight of NestromEdit

A mechanism that grants the wearer the ability to find hidden entrances, obstacles, enemies and objects on a few special locations, with their own eyes. Made by Lyrus' grandfather, Nestrom Ravenmoore.

The Lloren CryptogramEdit

The heart of the locket. The Arnado Quartet automatically plays when the locket is opened, but then the heart (cryptogram) is fiddled with, the music stops and the user is left with a circular cryptographic puzzle. The back of the locket can be attached to the Ravenmoore's Heirloom Vault, and can be used to input the combination to unlock it. Made by Ravenmoore's Great-grandmother, Lloren Ravenmoore.

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