Lyrus ravenmoore

Lyrus Ravenmoore.

"Phantom of the Occult" is the fourth novel on the "Light and Shadow" series. The locations of Vauphine has been successfully found, but no-one yet knows it's full potential, nobody could harness it's energy properly, they need to find someone who could. This novel will encompass scenes such as the Discovery of the Ravenmoore Heirarchy, Ravenmoore's Locket, Niveus Thora (first time), and many more to come.

Voradrod and Lyndusk are set to be the two Zodiacs to be encountered.

The novel will generally focus on the contents of the Ravenmoore's Heirloom Vault, Extraction of Vauphine and the Ravenmoore Family Heirarchy.

Trailer MusicEdit

Special Thanks to my dearest cousin, who help the acquisition of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" Trailer. Now also licensed to "Light and Shadow" too, with regards and permission from 20th Century Fox.

thumb|left|408px|Trailer Soundtrack

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